Car Boot site – Harrogate Road/Otley Old Road

I have recently received the following comment from a local resident which may be of interest to you:

 “I have to bring a point of road safety to your attention. I am sure you are aware of the car boot sale held every Sunday morning in a field at the junction of Harrogate Road and Otley Old Road. I have no objection to the sale, however I do feel that they should be forced to clean the mud off the road that is left every week by the cars departing from the car-park. This is an accident waiting to happen it is on the summit of the hill you do not know it’s there until it is too late it is normally wet and very slippy as a motor biker it is even more dangerous. I note that building sites have a duty to keep the road clean outside their sites, why is the same criteria not applied to the car-boot site?

 I took this up with the relevant officer at the Markets Service section of the Council who advised as follows:

 “A Market Inspector checks the site each week whilst the event is on and reports on any issues such as refuse, highway obstruction and numbers attending. Having been through their reports the only time an issue concerning mud on the road has been reported was in September 2007. I have spoken to the inspectors who advised that 17 October 2010 the route was clear, 10 October the road was dirty but not with clumps or pieces of mud. As part of the licensing arrangement Highways are consulted annually to see if they have any concerns for these kind of things none of which have been raised before.

 That said however the inspectors do not remain on site until all the cars leave and as the site is grass turning on to the road there certainly is potential for this problem to occur. I understand that the council can clean the route and re-charge to the land owner or event organiser or would we expect that he does this himself straight after the event?

 The licence to the operator stipulates that he must comply with all statutory obligations including the Highways Act which presumably this falls under. Two other possible relevant clauses state:

 Provide at the licensees own cost and expense such measures as to parking and traffic control and movement of traffic as shall from time to time be required by the Police or the Council

  • Take all proper precautions to safeguard all persons from accidents arising out of the movement of vehicles on the Site

I am happy to take relevant action you suggest which may include a specific clause in next years licence ( if granted ) as the event has now finished until March 2011. Or advice to the operator concerning potential breaches of the clauses mentioned above.”