Car Wash Otley Road

You may be aware that the owners of the Car Wash on the site of the old Texaco garage on Otley Road (corner of Holt Lane) are looking to apply for planning permission for the car wash for a longer period of time and also wish to upgrade the site. The owners and their representatives recentlyattended a meeting of the Adel Association where public opinion was sought on the changes they wish to make. Following the meeting I have received the following information from them:

1. The full planning permission application is scheduled to be submitted at the beginning of December.

2. Awaiting report on site’s drainage that report to also to cover possible water filtration and water re- cycling scheme.

3. The proposed signage to be toned down slightly and arrows marking the onsite traffic flow to be added into the scheme.

4. As interim measure new brighter lighter already installed and there will be some removal of the current signage and replacement with interim banner signage pending the outcome of the planning application.

I’m sure the topics that were raised at the last Adel Association Meeting will resonate with the members but for the sake of clarity drainage. signage and community integration are all areas into which the Neigbourhood Consultation process has had some impact. “