Have Your Say on West Yorkshire’s Bus Services

Metro will be holding informal roadshows at locations across West Yorkshire in November, to find out what people want from their bus services.

Metro plans to introduce a Quality Contract Scheme that would make Metro responsible for setting routes, fares, timetables and quality standards. The private companies that run the buses now would then run services under contract to Metro.

“The number of people using bus services in West Yorkshire has been falling despite efforts by Metro and bus operators to improve the quality of buses and the punctuality of services,” said Metro Chairman Cllr Chris Greaves.

“In recent years we have repeatedly seen this cycle with fares rising above inflation and services being cut and the number of fare-paying passengers falling. Operators can change or withdraw services at two months’ notice, without fully taking account of the wishes of local communities, which means that the West Yorkshire bus network is not as stable as customers would like.”

Metro would like to see:

– simple fares and smartcard-based tickets (like the Oyster card in London) that could be used on all public transport services in West Yorkshire;

– a public transport network that is easier to understand and use;

– fewer service and timetable changes;

– better connections with rail services;

– more reliable bus services that arrive on time; and

– a standard compensation policy for passengers if things go wrong

“As well as bus fares rising significantly in recent years, each operator has its own fares and tickets making things confusing for passengers,” continued Cllr Greaves. “These tickets can only be used on each company’s own services, which can make it difficult for passengers to change between different buses or between bus and other types of transport.”

More information about Metro’s plans for a bus Quality Contract Scheme can be found at