Personal Injury Accidents – Lengths of road for concern 2005-2009

The Council recently issued the above document which highlights a number of areas throughout the city which are of concern. The purpose of this information is to advise you of the A660 Otley Road from Kingsley Drive to Kings Road, Golden Acre Park which has gone further up the rankings i.e. is proving more dangerous although the figures for accidents are relatively low there has been 2 serious accidents in the year ending 2009. The table below shows the analysis: 

Rank this year 43 (last year 65) The Annual Average Daily Traffic Flow is 16600
Accident Record Year Slight Serious Fatal Total  
  2005 4 1 0 5  
  2006 2 1 0 3  
  2007 1 1 0 2  
  2008 3 0 0 3  
  2009 2 2 0 4  
  Total 12 5 0 17  
    This Road District County    
Accident percentages Severity Ratio 29 20 21    
for Rural A Roads Wet 35 34 38    
  Dark 47 26 30    
  Pedestrian 12 3 3    
  Skid 24 34 38    


 Six accidents involved vehicular loss of control 2 of which occurred when a vehicle hit standing water on the carriageway. Three of the accidents were nose to tail collisions and 2 involved pedestrians both of whom were masked by buses at the time of the accident. The remaining accidents were comprised of various types, none of which occurred more than once.


Consideration is being given to the possible introduction of cycle lanes, with the associated effect of narrowing the carriageway width for motorists. Should this plan be introduced it would be expected to reduce vehicular speed and prove beneficial to the accident rate.