Quality Streets

I was recently asked about “Quality Streets” and set out below is the information I received from the Transport Policy Unit at the Council

“Quality Streets is a campaign currently being championed by Sustrans, it covers things like Home Zones of which Leeds has pioneering experience from the Methleys, and their web site encourages citizens to take up the cause with their elected members.  



Our position at present on this matter is:

Leeds City Council delivers road safety measures in line with the Local Transport Plan 2 (LTP2) strategy document. In the duration of LTP2, 2006/7-2010/11, a priority programme of 20mph zones is being implemented around Leeds which targets the available resources at those areas with the highest rates of road injuries. Alongside this the Council has pioneered the concept of Home Zones in the UK with two such schemes in the city.

Road safety on the network is reviewed on a continuing basis covering all areas of the city and this work informs investment priorities. As a result of these studies, schemes have been brought forward to improve road safety at a range of locations and areas, particularly for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists: two groups which receive priority consideration under the LTP2 strategy’s ‘Hierarchy of consideration’.

Currently the City Council and the other West Yorkshire Councils are contributing to the preparation of a third local transport plan which is being prepared by Metro for adoption in April 2011. This document, currently at the consultation stage, includes ‘Quality of Life’ as one of the 3 high level objectives. A key element of the Quality of Life objective is likely to be improving road safety and reducing the number of road related casualties along with a high level objective ‘To make substantial progress towards a low carbon, sustainable transport system’. This will include the further promotion of sustainable transport modes, including walking, cycling and public transport and a revisit of the road user hierarchy.

I’m sure you will be aware of the spending challenges facing local authorities. Although the precise figures for funding are yet to be finalised, the City Council’s highways and transport service will be reviewing all its investment programmes for 2011-12 onwards and this will have regard for the future need for road safety interventions across the city. Through the new LTP consideration will also be given to street and neighbourhood issues.”