Press Release – Refuse Collection

I recently issued the press release below in respect of refuse collection:

Failure on 48 hour bin pledge

Bin Route Crisis enters a fifth week

Despite assurances from the ruling administration that the city’s bin collection chaos would be resolved within 48 hours – the problems have continued well into this week.

Complaints from angry members of the public have continued to come in regarding a lack of information from the Council and continuing failure to collect bins. The problems have now been going on for more than five weeks with residents and councillors alike beginning to lose patience with the poor levels of service.

Councillor Barry Anderson, Shadow Executive Board Member for Environmental Services, said:

“Following last week’s assurances from the joint Labour/Green administration that these problems were in hand and would be rectified within 48 hours, I am astonished that my office is still receiving complaints from angry residents some 5 days after those promises were made. How long will it take for them to bring an end to this crisis?

The handling of this bin route chaos has been shambolic, and can be characterised by complacency, denial and slow and ineffective action to resolve the concerns of residents, understandably furious after weeks of missed collections. These changes have been planned for many months, it is simply staggering that such a mess has been made of a plan that was supposed to increase efficiency.

The only thing that has increased is the level of disbelief, as the ruling administration continue to bungle one of the city’s essential council services.”

Since this press release the matter has now been compounded by the problems caused by snow and ice.