Irecently received the information below from the Traffic Management Officer at the Council in response to a query from a local resident:

“The restrictions that have been introduced in and around the Horsforth train station have been in for a decent length of time allowing behaviours and parking patterns to develop.  As with all schemes Traffic Management introduce we are constantly reviewing their effectiveness as well as reviewing feedback received.  To date we have received some mixed feedback from specific areas, Tinshill Road is one of these.

As part of the scheme design it was anticipated parking would be displaced to locations considered more desirable and would be less of a road safety hazard.  Junctions were also protected with double yellow lines within what was considered a reasonable walking distance from the train station.  The junction of Wood Hill Road has been protected with double yellow lines removing parked vehicles and increasing junction visibility.  These restrictions also provide benefit when entering and exiting the junction. 

Tinshill Road has always been unrestricted catering for on street parking.  Because of the insufficient width to accommodate parking on both side drivers feel the urge to park on the footway which is not acceptable.  Pavement parking is a matter for the Police as they enforce highway obstruction.  However, whilst this double parking causes some concern in terms of congestion it does provide some benefit in terms of speed reduction.  The parked vehicles indirectly cause a road narrowing resulting in reduced vehicle speeds at a location where we have received many complaints regarding vehicle speeds. This in turn improves the situation for residents entering and exiting their drives.

Finally, Horsforth has for sometime been subject to significant amount of pavement parking.  In respect to the law; In London it is a specific offence to park on the pavement, unless there is a local Traffic Regulation Order and bays are marked out specifically for that purpose. Everywhere else the offence relates to obstruction. It is not a specific offence to park on the footway (although it is an offence to drive along one) but drivers cannot park in a manner that prevents the free passage of other traffic, in this case pedestrians.  The enforcement of this type of obstruction is the responsibility of the Police.”