Holt Park Community Tennis Project proposal

I received the following information regarding a proposal to create a community tennis project on the newly improved tennis courts in Holt Park. 

The Holt Park Community Tennis Project would follow the successful pilot of a similar project on the courts at Carr Manor High School (soon to link with Chapel Allerton Park).

  •  Partnership working between Sport Development, Parks, Holt Park Leisure Centre, local schools and Carnegie Tennis (utilising their coach scholarship scheme). 
  •  Project links with council’s position of offering free access to tennis courts.  For a very limited amount of time (perhaps 4 hours on Saturday initially), I propose to provide organised activity e.g. coaching, Cardio Tennis etc.  For this there would be a small charge (between £2 – £4 per hour).  Other than for organised activity, the courts would remain free for public access.  Our goal is to increase awareness of the new courts, enthusiasm for tennis and ultimately the number of people using the courts in Holt Park.

The Tennis Development Officer also provided the following additional information:

  • Delivery – the project would be a partnership between Leeds City Council (Sport Development, Holt Park Leisure Centre and Parks), and Carnegie.  It would consist of coaching, ‘Cardio Tennis’ and social opportunities for people aged 8+ on the new courts at Holt Park.  Part of Carnegie’s current set-up under Louise is coach scholarship and volunteer schemes, both of which require participants to fulfil a certain number of hours voluntary coaching.  I envisage the Holt Park Community Tennis Project being the vehicle by which these young coaches can learn their trade.  The project would benefit from some free coaching (accompanying a paid coach) and a large pool of coaches, while Louise would have an outlet for their young coaches to deliver their hours.  Ultimately, the area benefits from a quality tennis project, the leisure centre gets income from the Mini Tennis sessions while the city has a constant feed of newly qualified coaches into clubs and other community projects.

 Carnegie will be responsible for the delivery of the coaching on the courts at Holt Park.  Carnegie will run the project as a not-for-profit project, with the only expenditure being equipment and coach costs.  The model will follow the very successful Carr Manor Community Tennis Project, set up in April 2010 by the SSP in partnership with Sport Development.