Information on holding Street Parties – Royal Wedding

I have received enquiries from residents who are thinking of holding a Street Party to celebrate the Royal Wedding. 

I took this up with the Highways Department and this is the most recent update from the Traffic Engineering Manager:

“To close a road the council must advertise its intention in the local press and there is a direct cost from the newspaper publishers for this of about £800.  Previously the council has funded this element of such national events and I will have to ascertain whether or not this will apply on this occasion, otherwise the cost will have to be borne by party organisers on a shared basis. I would suggest you complete the form and return to me while I enquire of the cost issue and I will advise you as quickly as possible.”

I then received this further information:

“A decision has been made that the formal press advertisement for street parties will not be placed in local newspapers and the advertising of the intention of the Council to close roads for street parties will only be undertaken locally, on the street. This removes the £800 cost which the newspaper would charge the Council.

To ensure the due approval process can be undertaken applications must be with myself by noon on Friday 11th March 2011. Details of planning an event are available on the Council website.”