At a recent Adel Association meeting the police highlighted the work they had been doing with the speed indicator advice on Adel Lane but it was felt a more long term, lasting solution needs to be found. One suggestion raised was the potential removal of white lines and whether they had any effect on road safety.  I agreed I would take this up with the Council’s Highways Department and set out below is  the reply I received from the senior Highways Officer in the area. I will continue to work with residents to try and find a way forward.

“Dear Councillor Anderson,

I know of only one location in Leeds where my predecessor Mr Shaw removed the centre line along Bayton Lane to try and remove the protection the centre line sometimes offers motorists in an aid to reduce recorded injury accidents. Unfortunately this did not reduce the number or severity of the injury accidents and therefore a road safety scheme was therefore introduced in 2009 to reinstate the centre line and improve the warning signs for the potential hazards along the route.

This scheme has seen a significant reduction in the number of accidents and also the severity of accident. There have only been three injury accidents in the two year period since the scheme was introduced. Two of the accident occurred in icy condition and have been attributed to loss of control on ice and the third accident was an error of judgement when a driver attempted to overtake a slower vehicles and met a vehicles coming in the opposing direction and lost control hitting the adjacent stone wall.

The only other examples I can aware of are in Norfolk where centre lining was removed on the A149 coast road, through Stiffkey and, I believe, other villages. The preliminary results at the time showed that speeds were reduced marginally, but I am not aware of any claims that this resulted in significant accident reductions were achieved. I am not sure if any further longer term evaluation has now been undertaken and cant find any thing in the DfT sites.

I am sorry I cannot assist further, but hope the above is of assistance.”