Care & Repair

I’ve been approached by Care and Repair who are an organisation that carry out a number of services to help older people, disabled people and people of low incomes to ask if I would highlight the services they offer.

If you know of any friend, relative or neighbour who fits any of the following criteria and you feel they would benefit from taking advantage of this scheme please pass on this information to them:

1. If you are a home owner, over 60 and in receipt of Council Tax Benefit or under 60 and in receipt of Council Tax Benefit and Disability Living Allowance then Care & Repair can arrange for a wide range of jobs to be carried out in your home up to a maximum value of £200 including electrical work, heating, plumbing work,  joinery work or work to improve home safety.

2. If you are over 60, worried about your home security and potentially need new window locks, door locks, chain viewers or other security improvements they will visit to assess what improvements can be made and carry them out as quickly as possible.

If you would like to take advantage of any of the above or to find out further information, you can either:

 Then it is intended that someone would then contact you to discuss your needs.