Land at Holt Avenue – Planning Inspector’s Decision

The decision on the Planning Appeal for the David Wilson Homes application has now been published.

I am very disappointed at both the outcome and also the lack of weight that has been put on the comments and evidence by local residents in their personal submissions and the Adel Association in its vigorous and detailed submissions, in particular. If you would like me to clarify any of the comments made in the report please do not hesitate to contact me. As local residents the report makes it clear in para. 5 that the Inspector was concerned about the lack of discussion about the application that had taken place and that David Wilson Homes did indicate clearly in the closing statements that this would be rectified and that residents and Councillors would be fully consulted and be part of resolving the detailed design layout and numbers of properties before any subsequent application is submitted.

I feel that it is important now that we all need to work together to try and find a way of protecting the field opposite the Church which is currently designated as “Protected Area of Search (PAS)” i.e. it might become available for development at some time in the future.

In order to try and improve the protection I recently organised a meeting to enable representatives from the Adel Association to meet with the two Conservation Officers on Leeds City Council responsible for this area. As a result of this meeting it would appear that the best option open to local residents is to enhance and build on the existing Adel Neighbourhood Design Statement and the Chairman of the Adel Association, Barrie Hopson, has asked Val Crompton to lead a small group of residents in gathering the information and thoughts of local residents as to where they feel the Design Statement can be bolstered.

If you have any thoughts and suggestions as to how this might be achieved please contact Val Crompton who will be happy to receive your contributions. In the meantime the Council will need to develop their Core Strategy planning document. The Core Strategy will set out the Council’s vision for the future development of Leeds over the next 20 years. The Core Strategy will address a wide range of environmental, social and economic considerations in order to meet the challenges and opportunities which Leeds faces. It would certainly be my intention to ensure that residents are as actively involved in putting forward the case for Adel as is possible.

If you would like a copy of the decision document please let me know and I will email one to you.