Street Cleansing in the Holtdales

I was approached some weeks ago both by local residents and by the local Residents’ Group to raise concerns about the lack of street cleansing enforcement action against people dropping litter. Particular concern has been raised by some residents about the role that pupils at Ralph Thoresby High School may have played. I took this issue up with Council Officers and I recently met with them to impress upon them the importance of getting this issue resolved in the area.

I have today been advised of the following information from the Environmental Action Service Team:

1.  A ‘Do Not Drop Litter’ sign will be placed in the area in the hope that this will alleviate a small percentage of the problem.

2. A graffiti kit will be provided to the Holt Park Tenants’ and Residents’ Association to enable them to react to any graffiti that arises on the estate.

3. Contact has been made with the PCSO from Ralph Thoresby and a litter pick has been arranged.

4. Discussions are ongoing with the Head Teacher at Ralph Thoresby about the possibility of more regular litter picks taking place.”