LICENSING APPLICATION – Variation – High Farm, Farrar Lane, Cookridge, Leeds LS16 7AQ

I have been advised by the Licensing Department that a Licensing Application has been lodged for the above premises, to vary the license as currently held. Details of the variation that is being applied for is set out overleaf.

Any observations which you may have regarding this application should be forwarded to the Licensing Section, Civic Hall, Leeds, LS1 1UR or you may telephone on 0113 247 4094 at your earliest convenience but not later than 2nd September 2011. You should note, however, that the identity of any complainant will be released to the applicant unless you specifically request to remain anonymous.

Please note that the applicant is responsible for serving public notice of the application by way of an advertisement in one edition of the local press, and also by posting notice of the application on the premises concerned.

I would also find it very useful if you could forward a copy of your comments to me so that I can gauge public opinion on this application, and to enable me to represent your views clearly and concisely.