The following was recently brought to my attention by local residents:

“The Roman pavement on Long Causeway between Adel St. John’s School and Sir George Martin Drive (opp.79 & 81 Long Causeway) has a number of stones displaced which are sitting against the wall and need to be replaced. I am also told that a large amount of weed and debris has collected and that needs cleansed.

I have asked the relevant Council Officer to give me timescales for getting the area repaired and the debris cleared.

I have now received a reply from Highways who have advised as follows:

“I will endeavour to have the loose “Paving” reset over the next few days, if not early next week.”

So far the Street cleansing Department have not yet given any timescales for clearing the area, all they have stated is that they will get back to me as quickly as possible, but I have reaffirmed that this is not acceptable.