I refer to a previous newsletter advising you of what was happening in the area in respect of the above. I have now taken this issue up again with the Council as the initial measures did not prove to be successful. Set out below is the latest response from the Parks & Countryside Operations Manager:

“I would like to explain that we have installed one sign at each of the three entrances.  The signs state –

 ‘No ball games other than tennis permitted. & Please restrict your game to a maximum of one hour at busy times’

 Regarding the tennis nets, we kept installing them but they were taken down and left in the corner of the court.  We put them back again when we are on site.

Since this issue was reported to our ParksWatch team, our staff have patrolled the park regularly, averaging between five to ten visits per shift and increasing on the weekends.  Both our regular patrol officers have been speaking to the park users particularly the bowling teams and also the PCSOs. 

The situation appears to be that prior to the enquiry reaching ParksWatch, the problem of the tennis courts being misused by inappropriate cricketers had occurred.  However, since our intensive patrols, the problem has not been apparent.  The bowlers were given cards and asked to ring our call line if any issues were witnessed but non have been reported.  The local PCSOs were not aware of this issue and have been briefed as to the reports but have not witnessed the problem.

We are committing resources to this issue but have not witnessed it nor have we had any ‘real time’ reports. We will continue to patrol and would invite anyone who witnesses the misuse to call the ParksWatch team on Leeds (0113) 2329973 and we will respond as immediately as possible.

 I am sorry for our delay in responding and if you need any further details of information please do not hesitate to contact me.”