Just a brief update on the Licensing application heard today. I will post full details for the reasons for refusal when they become available. In the meantime I welcome the decision by the Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee to refuse an application from the Shell petrol station on Pool Road, in Pool village, to sell alcohol between 6am and 10pm.

The application received strong objections from many local people, along with the Inspector of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, amid concerns about the detrimental effect it could have on the village.

I’m delighted that this application has been turned down. The strength of local feeling against this application was very strong, so local residents will be pleased with this outcome.

There were compelling reasons to refuse this application. The petrol station is just that: a petrol station, not a convenience store. If alcohol were sold here it would encourage more use of the site, putting pressure on adjacent roads which already get backed up by cars entering and leaving the forecourt. There have been a large number of road accidents outside the station this year, one of them fatal. Allowing the garage to sell alcohol would just make the situation worse.

Furthermore, the garage is also very close to a skate park and playground. The last thing we need is somewhere close by selling alcohol that could easily fall into the hands of young people, especially near the busy roads.

The applicants do, however, have the right of appeal and at this stage we don’t know whether or not they are going to take up this option.