I refer to the request that was made of me at the public meeting on 14th July 2011 where a resident advised that the two illegal car parks outside of Leeds Bradford Airport that recently received planning permission had a section 106 agreement stating that in excess of £160,000 was to be paid towards transport issues. It was also suggested that Bramhope may be able to benefit from this source of funding as well.

I wrote to Planning to ask the following question:

“Is there any way that some of this money could be used in the Pool/Bramhope areas as Highways do not have any funding available?”

I have now received the response below:

“I do not think you can use either of the two car park S106 sums for road safety improvements in Pool or Bramhope.  The Sentinel approval agreed to pay £91.5K for improvements to public transport services serving Leeds Bradford Airport and for no other purpose whatsoever.  The Learmonth S106 payment of £46K only kicks in on implementation with 50% payable prior to occupation and 50% within a year of opening and is specified to be used towards procuring improvement of Public Transport and/or improvements to highways affected by traffic travelling to and from the airport and other sustainable transport measures arising directly from the development and specifies that the contribution shall not be applied for any other purpose.

I have approached Highways Planning previously to see if there was any other money available but they were not aware of any.

The only other thought is in relation to the airport terminal building extension where a fund is to be established to look at highway improvements / public transport measures and a Committee will be established to consider how contributions should be spent and make recommendations to the Chief Planning Officer.  Monies do not become payable however until the permission is implemented but that may be one possible avenue to consider for the future.”

I will continue to try and look for sources of funding to minimise any impact on the precept in Pool Parish Council.