Set out below is my understanding of the Leeds City Council proposal for trying to resolve the outstanding issues around the proposed closure of YLI Music & Drama Service.


Leeds has contributed £19,218.09 pa for the last five years. The service is funded by the twelve Yorkshire authorities and groups/individuals renting materials.

In Leeds there are currently 98 active groups/individuals known to the service. At 1 July 2010 that figure stood at 118.

Leeds Proposal to YLI


The collection is gifted to Leeds, to be managed from the central library.

It will be loaned to groups/individuals locally, regionally and nationally, possibly using a three tier charging system.

Any future promotion of the collection would be under Leeds marketing brands.

Leeds will undertake the change in location from Wakefield.

Orchestral Sets

Managed along the same lines as the Drama collection, housed at central library, along with our existing collection.

Vocal Scores

The vocal score collection is too large to house in Leeds.

The service is proposing that Encore in Hull take the collection to add to their own. This is managed by Hull City Council along similar lines to the YLI.

Leeds would run a monthly van service to pick up scores requested by Leeds groups and then distribute using the existing network.

 Can I have your thoughts and comments on this proposal as to whether or not you think this is feasible or any suggested changes or improvements you feel could be made.