I recently met with school governors, parents and Highways officers to try and find a solution to increase road safety for children crossing Church Lane to go to Adel St. John’s C of E Primary School. Following that meeting I received responses from Highways:

1. From the Senior Highway Development Engineer, Transport Development Services

The meeting was useful, it highlighted the concerns that parents have when making the journey across Otley Road and in particular Church Lane to reach the 2 Primary Schools. As part of development proposals developers are required to submit Transport Assessments or Transport Statements (depending on the level of development) to determine the impact of their proposals on all modes of travel to and from their site. This includes an assessment of access to/from local schools. I will ensure that when we receive the anticipated planning application/s (David Wilson Homes) that the assessments are discussed and that if it is considered that there are any relevant highway safety improvement measures that can be justified as part of the proposals that we seek developer funding as part of any planning approval.”

2. From the Senior Engineer, Traffic Management West

Traffic have an outstanding crossing survey on Church Lane. I will also check available data and arrange for a new speed and volume survey if necessary. Depending on the outcome of the crossing survey I will look into providing additional signs on Church Lane warning of school children crossing.”

3. From the Road Safety Manager, who has agreed to carry out the following actions:

Liaise with the Chair of Governors to help the school recruit Junior Road Safety Officers. Also work with the school to deliver other initiatives such as a road safety assembly, use of SID with staff and pupils and the Mini Police activity to address dangerous or inconsiderate parking.

Liaise with the Chair of Governors to help support the school / parents set up a Walking Bus or Walk Once a Week scheme depending upon level of parent / carer interest.