The Council recently approved the Dog Control Orders they were consulting on.  The Scrutiny Board that I chair in the Council did make some comments on this and my views on the final proposal that was approved is that many of the recommendations that we made in scrutinising this issue have been accepted by the Executive Board, and the general thrust of the changes is to be welcomed.  We’re talking about vast areas of land across the city that are covered by these orders, and we need to make sure there is a robust system in place for enforcing the rules.

We’re told that an extra 50 environmental enforcement staff within Environmental Services will be trained to enforce the new and existing powers in January – but will that be enough?  I fear that there’ll be some areas of the city that simply won’t be patrolled, which presents the very real danger of there being one rule for some parts of the city and another for somewhere else.

There also needs to be more investment in waste bins in the city so that owners can dispose of waste responsibly. We need to help people to abide by the rules and addressing the current shortage of bins is part of that.

Much progress has been made since these control orders were first introduced, but there is still more work to do to ensure that the system runs smoothly.