I have been advised about proposals being developed to amend the present traffic restrictions for bus lanes to permit access to them by Hackney Carriages (taxis), as follows:

“These proposals have been developed after a period of study as an appropriate measure for improving the service the Hackney Carriages are able to offer the travelling public, in a way which complements the scheduled public transport services operated by the bus companies.  As you will be aware Hackney Carriages are already permitted to use appropriately designated “bus gates” and bus lanes in the city centre and the proposals will provide for a more consistent approach city-wide. They will also bring Leeds into line with the practice of a number of local authorities elsewhere, including some in West Yorkshire.

 The proposals have been considered carefully with respect to any impacts they may have on bus service  reliability and journey times.  It is not anticipated that the limited proposals for Hackney Carriages will detrimentally affect bus services and their passengers. 

A detailed timetable for the project is being developed, but once approved and subject to the necessary legal processes it is anticipated that the changes will be enacted during the April / May 2012 period.”

If you would like to send me any comments you may have on these proposals I would be pleased to receive them.