Traffic management at the Council are promoting a casualty reduction scheme with an aim to reduce both traffic speeds and accidents along A660 Otley Road between Kingsley Drive and Kings Road.

Discussions were recently held with officers about their suggestion to improve road safety on teh above stretch of road. Set out below is the most recent information I have from the Council Officers:

“We have noted your support of some central hatching. Along with comments received from our Safety Audit team and cycling section, we now consider a change to the original proposals.

It is now intended that 2m width of central hatching be introduced from Golden Acre Park to the Kings Road only. With the introduction of central hatching running lanes will be narrowed but varying widths of 3.35m to 3.9m will still be available. Central hatching will have good potential for reducing vehicular speeds and accidents along this section.

This stretch of road is at present subject to the national speed limit. This length of road incorporates various road markings including left and right turning lanes for safer entry into the car park of Golden Acre Park and the Ramada Hotel. There is also double white lining system and edge of carriageway markings at various sections along Otley Road.

Ranked at 43 in the Lengths for Concern document 2010, there have been 17 accidents in that previous 5 year period. Accident analysis shows various types of accident including loss of control, nose to tail incidents and others registered as single occurrences.

Also an independent speed limit review of all ‘A’ and ‘B’ class roads across the city of Leeds has been undertaken with recommendations for changes to the existing speed limits, according to Circular 01/2006. The outcome of the review recommends a change to the speed limit from National speed limit to 50mph for that length of A660 Otley Road from Kingsley Drive to Kings Road.”