I have been advised of the following consultation that has just been sent to me. You may be interested in taking part. The message I received from a Project Support Officer in the NHS was as follows:

“We are writing to tell you that, following changes that were made to the urgent care services in 2009, we would now like to hear from people about where they think the best locations are for urgent care in Leeds. 

Urgent Care is for when you have minor accidents or unexpected health problems and need help within the next few hours, but it is not an emergency or life threatening. Important progress has already been made in improving the health of the local population, but there is still work to be done. NHS Leeds want to make further improvements to urgent care services to build on improvements already made in 2009.

We are consulting with people for 14 weeks, from Monday 5 December 2011 until Sunday 4 March 2012, as we would like as many views as possible. 

This booklet is also available online at

The responses we receive will help to shape the future of urgent health care services in Leeds, delivered from the right locations, which are convenient and accessible to the majority of people.   

 We are grateful for your cooperation.”