Residents in the Cookridge area have contacted me as a result of them seeing surveying activity in the fields at Moseley Wood Bottom. The position as I am aware, is as follows:

The land is no longer in the green belt it is classed as Greenfield and its planning designation is Protected Area of Search, which means it is not guaranteed that housing will be built there but the Planning Inspector who looked into housing land a number of years ago felt that it could possibly be a suitable location in the future. 

Any landowner/developer interested in this site will then have the opportunity to submit to the Council their request that this land be allocated for housing purposes in the forthcoming City Plan. 

The Plan will be the subject of public consultation and residents will have the opportunity to raise views, concerns etc.  

The new Plan will replace the current Unitary Development Plan which allocated housing land and was based on providing land sufficient to build approx. 2000 houses per annum. The new plan based on Government guidance and information will mean the Council will need to identify enough land for between 4500 to 5000 houses per annum. It is as a result of this that the area of land at Moseley Wood Bottom could be included in potential development sites. Information on this will be issued by the Council between March and Autumn 2012. 

Some months ago I suggested one way for residents to try and get the best they can for the location would be to develop a Neighbourhood Plan. If you are interested in getting involved in establishing a plan for Cookridge, please contact me.