The new grass cutting service started on 1st January 2012. As you may or may not be aware Glendales used to have the grass cutting contract and they have been replaced by a company called Continental Landscapes Ltd. Continental started winter maintenance work on shrub and rose beds across the city on the 5th of January

If the winter weather continues to be mild discussions are taking place with Continental to bring forward the first grass cut, now programmed to commence on 13th February 2012. There will be areas of grass that will not be accessible due to soft ground conditions or where spring bulbs have been planted and for these reasons, the first cut will be partial.

I have set out below some of the information I have been given.

What Continental Landscapes will do

  • ·         Ensure trained staff assess ground conditions prior to putting machines on site to avoid damage.
  • ·         Cut as many areas as possible utilising all but the largest of our machinery.
  • ·         Ensure trained staff have map details of bulb areas to avoid any damage.

What Continental Landscapes will not do

  • Cut grass on steep banks which could be dangerous to staff due to wet and slippery conditions.
  • Cut grass with poor natural drainage to prevent extensive damage.

Future Maintenance

Those sites omitted from the first cut due to poor ground conditions will be maintained to a standard that is consistent with the contract specification through delivery of the second and third cuts.