I was contacted by a local resident to ask whether there were any plans to upgrade the bridleway that crosses the A660. Following my contacting the Public Rights of Way Officer he held a site meeting to seek a resolution to the difficulty and danger of linking 3 bridleways together near the Parkway Hotel on the A660 near Golden Acre Park.

Linked to this is the Highways proposals looking into a 50 mph limit for this stretch of road.

Highways (Traffic) Officers have been consulted on what they might be able to do regarding slowing traffic down and moving it further away from the kerb edge, possibly by narrowing the lanes/realigning the white lining etc. They have also asked the Highways Cycling Officer for his opinion on what could feasibly be done to help off-road cyclists seeking to link these off-set bridleway routes together.

Public Rights of Way are looking at some improvement work to the entrance to the bridleway next to the Parkway Hotel to improve its junction with the road by ramping the path to form a longer and wider waiting area which would be of assistance to horse riders. This work could be realistically undertaken in May/June at the earliest.