I, along with a small group from the Adel Association, met with the Council’s Planner following the news that the Plans Panel had rejected the materials that were going to be used for this development. The Planner confirmed the Panel didn’t like the sample wall on display in the field that they had seen on the site visit. The Panel discharged a condition to the Planning officers to look at the materials again.

The Planner also confirmed that the houses would definitely not be in red brick or any other brick, they would be built in artificial stone. We were told there are a number of colours available and the Planner advised that darker colours weather better and in ten years time will look a lot more real than a gold or light colour.

The developer will now build 5 or 6 small dwarf walls in the field in different colours so that residents can go and look at these and see which they prefer. I have been asked to feed your views back to the developer via the Planning Department. A lot of weight would be put on what residents prefer.

As soon as I get notice that the walls are to be built I will let you know and I look forwarding to receiving your comments.