In a previous article I mentioned that there were plans to allow hackney carriages to use the bus lanes in the city. The Council has decided that no private hire vehicles, only hackney carriages, will be allowed to use the bus lanes. The rational behind this decision by the Council is “ As part of the analysis undertaken and the experience of other highway authorities it was concluded that the admission of hackney carriages into the city’s bus lanes will not significantly adversely impact on the successful operation of bus services in Leeds.  There are over 4,000 registered private hire vehicles in Leeds compared to 537 hackney carriages. Hackney carriages are clearly distinguished from private cars, due to being marked with their own distinctive white and black liveries.  This ensures enforcement can be readily undertaken and there is no confusion from other road users as to who may use the bus lanes.  Given this evidence there are no proposals to allow private hire vehicles to use bus lanes.”