I have questioned severely the appalling mess made on some streets in the city by the most recent round of grass cutting. The Holtdales area was recently left looking a disgrace, with verges churned up and cut grass covering footpaths and the road surface. 

I am calling on the council to ensure the standard of work carried out is of a higher quality and that robust monitoring arrangements are in place to flag up sub par work.

Some streets in the city have been left in a terrible state following recent cuts to grass verges. Even allowing for difficulties with the wet weather, the quality of some work simply hasn’t been good enough, and residents have rightly raised concerns about the mess left on footpaths and roads.

I’m told that the contract is very clear in requiring grass to be removed from pavements and carriageways, but in many cases this just hasn’t been happening and the general quality of the cuts has been poor.

The Council needs to get on top of this situation quickly and ensure the contractor is performing up to required standards. Many people judge how well their local council is doing based on the quality of key services like this – and on the latest evidence many residents will likely feel let down.