Leeds City Council have recently announced the above. Although this is described as a public meeting it is just a viewing exhibition. I have set out below the minute from the recent Adel Association meeting to explain what further measures I have agreed with the Council so that all residents have the chance to contribute to the debate:

“A public exhibition in respect of the new secure unit is to be held from 6.30pm onwards on Thursday 5th July in Adel Primary School. Cllr. Anderson requested to officers that this should be a pubic meeting where people could raise any concerns and have a debate. This was refused but he has agreed with the officers that the next meeting of Adel Association will be given over to this subject and residents can raise issues and debate what will happen to the rest of the site around the new secure unit once it is built. He felt that it was unfair to residents just to discuss the new Eastmoor Unit when there was a lot more to be taken into account. Therefore the next meeting of the Adel Association will be held in Adel Primary School and will be a public meeting about the Eastmoor site. This will take place on Thursday 19th July at 7.30pm.”

I am still awaiting confirmation of the public meeting also being at Adel Primary but I shall let you know as soon as this is confirmed

The information from the Council that they have made public so far, states:

Leeds City Council will be submitting a full planning application for a new Secure Children’s Home on the existing East Moor site. Details of the proposals will be on display at this meeting. This Public meeting will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • • find out about the proposed new development;
  • • meet key representatives of the East Moor Secure Children’s Home;

Leeds City Council Children’s Services; Leeds City Council Planning and Highways officers.

  • • view plans showing the outline proposals of the building,

landscaping, access, footpaths and parking arrangements; and

  • • have your say about the Secure Children’s Home development.

Construction Works are programmed to start in February 2013 and are expected to be completed in March 2015.

Full copies of the ‘Full’ planning application will be available in October 2012 through the Public Access system on the Council’s website by following the link below: