A number of residents have raised concerns about the need to close the Holt Park Leisure Centre in December 2012 well in advance of the new Centre opening up. These have centred on lack of communication, alternative provision and length of closure, as well as provision for the disabled. To try and address these issues I met with a number of officers from the Council.

The main reasons given for closure in December are:- to tie in with the school terms; to meet planning conditions the current site must be demolished so a path can be installed to the new centre and a further month is needed to decommission the site.

In relation to consultation with users of the facilities I am advised that letters were given to as many regular users as possible plus letters placed in the Reception area. All schools were contacted. A further letter is planned for the end of August.

Alternative provision for schools has been agreed but work is needed on transport for them. Block bookings are being relocated to other Leisure Centres.

Officers need to work with Ralph Thoresby so that any capacity there can be prioritised to the benefit of those being displaced.

I raised the problem of access to public transport to the other Leisure facilities which will be a problem for those with no transport of their own. For those with transport other centres do not offer the same parking facilities as Holt Park.

A newsletter is about to be produced to give up to date information and I have offered to host a public Question and Answer session for residents.

I will continue to keep residents advised in this matter.