I have raised concerns about the future of Wharfedale hospital and intermediate care provided in the North of the city.

I want to see better use made of the hospital, after a number of ward closures in recent years. I also feel that intermediate care provision needs to be improved in the area and that the Wharfedale hospital could be one way of achieving this.

Local people have been concerned about the future of Wharfedale hospital for a number of years. Only built in 2005, it’s still relatively new, but has seen a series of ward closures and services withdrawn and people are rightly asking if the best use is being made of the building and facilities.

Linked to this is the dearth of intermediate care beds in North West Leeds at the moment. Many people, particular older residents, have trouble accessing this kind of care, and it seems like providing an increased level of service at the Wharfedale hospital might be a way of meeting this demand.

It’s important that these issues are debated and that we get positive action to address the concerns that many residents have.