I have had a number of concerns raised with me about the conflicting information being communicated about the closure of Holt Park Leisure Centre.

The existing Leisure Centre is due for closure in December 2012, and will be replaced by a newly built Wellbeing Centre (Holt Park Active) in October 2013, but users are unhappy that this leaves a 9 month gap between closure of the old, and opening of the new, and feel the reasons for this have not been explained to them.

I am sure everyone welcomes this new facility, which offers a much wider range of activities, and allows access to both social care and sports facilities under one roof. 

I am worried, however, that the positives of this project are being lost because of a lack of communication, and in some cases, misinformation being provided to people.

Having met with Sports & Recreation Officers, I recognise that the early closure of the Leisure Centre is not only necessary, because of the planning process involved, but is for the ultimate good of the development.  However, I do believe the Council need to be much clearer in communicating these reasons to those affected by the closure.

Ultimately, this Centre will benefit not just my ward, but will provide benefits city wide by encouraging everyone to live active and healthy lives.  People should not be discouraged by a few months of disruption.  The short term pain will be well worth the long term gain.