I welcome the news that the Council is investing in new vehicles to tackle anti social noise outside of normal working hours. The £31,000 investment in two brand new vehicles that will be branded and used to deal with noise nuisance and other customer complaints will be used on a city wide basis, staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The vehicles will be used to tackle the problems caused by anti social behaviour and noise nuisance in local communities in Leeds as well as dealing with other customer call outs such as providing first response to burglary alarms in council owned property and first response to calls from vulnerable people.

The investment will be a big help, particularly in responding to noise nuisance complaints.

This service previously only had 2 marked response vehicles and 1 marked van, the new investment will be a boost to the service as it adds to the resources this team has and the out of hours responses, I am sure, will be warmly welcomed by Leeds residents. It is also good to see that the vehicles will also be an added resources for dealing with customer calls from vulnerable residents and in dealing with responses to burglar alarms.

Noise nuisance is a key problem and it is vital that the Council is able to respond at times when these problems are most common. Often this means out of office hour response teams and this funding boost strengthens the team’s ability to deal with and put a stop to noise nuisance along with dealing with calls from the vulnerable and responding to other customer complaints.