It’s that time of year again when leaves are starting to fall, I have recently received the following information, which I have preci’d, from the Council’s Streetscene Services team:

“I am writing to you to let you know of our programme for clearing the leaves over the next few months. Last year we did a lot of work to update the leafing maps we had. This year we will again be providing a service to target those streets/paths worst affected by leaf and branch fall.

They will be dedicating the following resources: 

  • Mechanical sweepers, will cover the main roads / hotspot areas. They will then be asked to start to cover the leafing maps.
  • All mechanical sweepers’ capacity days will be prioritised for leafing. Where needed, the team’s bulky/fly tipping crew will also be diverted to tackle de-leafing.
  • A Bulk Vehicle and crew will also be dedicated to de-leafing – other bulk vehicles will be used flexibly across the area across the area to focus on other service requests (fly-tipping etc).

Streetscene will prioritise reported leaf issues where there is genuine concern that leaves could be a risk to safety.