I have made an enquiry into the ruling administration’s plans on community energy initiatives at the last full Council meeting in September. The answer I received left me somewhat underwhelmed, especially given the £5m funding announcement made by Government last week to support locals authorities in delivering innovative methods of reducing the energy bills of residents and businesses.

My original question to the Council was “What plans does the Executive Board Member have for developing community energy plans in Leeds?”

Residents in Leeds are facing up to yet another round of energy price rises from the big suppliers and yet it turns out that, with the exception of some isolated schemes, the ruling administration is doing nothing about it. Other local authorities are ahead of the game on this and have been getting better deals for businesses and residents as a result.

These schemes can save residents hundreds of pounds each year which in the current economic climate would be very welcome. We need to do all we can to help our residents stand up to these big companies who seem to hike their prices regardless of the wholesale cost of energy. It is time that the administration in Leeds took a closer look at this and took the Government up on its offer to fund innovative schemes that will deliver lower bills for residents and businesses in Leeds.