OPAL based at Holt Park, has benefited from a grant from the North West Outer Area Committee of £2450. They made a request to the committee for funding to run a number of community projects.

One project is to enable the Fire Service to train OPAL volunteers to visit people in their homes and give them fire safety information. Another will once again see OPAL working with Ralph Thoresby High School to host their now famous Christmas Party for 150 members and a project is underway to enable older members to enjoy an afternoon out with the money being used for transport hire.

I am delighted that we have been able to help OPAL with these projects. It is an extremely valuable organisation in the community whose members get so much out of it. OPAL had noticed that some of their older members were not going on the organised coach trips any longer as a day trip was too much. With this money they will be able to cater for these members by having shorter half day trips.

Over the years I have also witnessed the community coming together at Ralph Thoresby whose students, teachers and parent volunteers work really hard to put on an excellent Christmas Party for the OPAL members. It is such a wonderful sight to see the young people from the school working so hard and joining in with the older people to give them a really good night out.

Furthermore the valuable work that will be done by the OPAL volunteers going to members houses and giving them some fire safety advice, following training by the Fire Service, will be really important and may prevent a number of potential accidents. Anything we can do to prevent accidents in the home amongst older people is of great benefit by taking pressure off the other services that would be needed if an accident occurred.