Arthington Lane clean-up

I am delighted with the sterling work undertaken by council officers from both Highways and Environmental Action in cleaning up Arthington Lane, in both Pool & Arthington.

In a combined effort on Sunday, 18th November, overgrown bushes, weeds and general rubbish was removed from pavements, and gullies were cleared of debris.

Arthington Lane has for years suffered from neglect, with encroaching shrubbery making it difficult for pedestrians to safely use the footpaths.  The scale of the clean up was so large that the full length of the Lane could not be cleared in one day, and both teams intend to return to the area to complete the work in the New Year.

I am confident that residents of Arthington and Pool will already notice a significant improvement.  Whether your interest is in jogging, cycling, or taking a leisurely walk, the work undertaken to this scenic route will add to the enjoyment of all who use it, and this is in no small measure down to the outstanding efforts of the operatives concerned.