Please find below a table showing the Christmas and New Year collection days for your refuse collection:

If your usual Collection Day is: Your Christmas Collection Day is:
IMonday 24 December Sunday 23 December
Tuesday 25 December Monday 24 December
Wednesday 26 December Thursday 27 December
Thursday 27 December Friday 28 December
Friday 28 December Saturday 29 December
Saturday 29 December Sunday 30 December
Monday 31 December Monday 31 December
Tuesday 1 January Wednesday 2 January
Wednesday 2 January Thursday 3 January
Thursday 3 January Friday 4 January
Friday 4 January Saturday 5 January
Saturday 5 January Sunday 6 January

 Normal service resumes on Monday 7 January

 • Put your bin out for collection by 7am on the revised collection day.

• Severe weather and heavy workloads could still affect your service. If we have not collected your bin after 48 hours, please bring the bin back into your property until your next collection day.

• The garden waste collection service has been suspended during December 2012, January 2013 and February 2013. The last collection will be Saturday 1 December 2012. The service will resume on Monday 4 March 2013 or Monday 11 March 2013 with a fortnightly collection depending on your collection week. New collection calendars for the service will be issued in February.

• If you do not have a green recycling bin for your paper, card, cans, aerosols and plastics and would like one, please let us know by calling 0113 222 4406.