I welcome news that the Government is planning to intervene in the ongoing controversy regarding household energy bills. I really do hope that this will be the start of a much better deal for customers both in Leeds and nationally.

Over the past decade household bills have doubled whilst Governments of all persuasions have stood by and watched as households have had to fork out more and more to provide basic heat and light in their homes. Average household energy bills have recently reached a near record high of £1,300 per year, which in my view is far too high.

The Government intervention could see many customers save as much as £300 per year, money that will be greatly appreciated as the economy continues to struggle back into positive growth. However, it is not just the reduction in bills that will please people it is also the likelihood that bills will now be much easier to understand due to the proposals to limit the number of frankly unfathomable tariff options to just four per energy company.

Of course there are those, largely people representing the ‘big 6’ suppliers, trying to emphasise possible negatives, namely that some customers could pay more as companies remove the cheapest tariffs. We will have to wait and see how the reforms turn out but, in my view, most people will benefit from these proposals and it is clearly in the interests of these major companies, making a huge profit, to try and stress the negative of proposals could deliver a better deal for customers.

This Government is doing the right thing by getting involved in this issue and I look forward to people in Leeds getting a better deal on their energy bills.