I have recently been dealing with a large number of enquiries in relation to trees on Council-owned land adjoining properties.

I have been chasing a number of referrals where the Council are not able to prune or trim the trees because they are not considered dangerous at this stage. However, I asked if homeowners could take action themselves at their own cost, and I was advised as follows:

we will be happy to allow such work to proceed if our specification is followed in full. Our recommendations for tree work will be in line with BS3998 Tree Work – Recommendations.”

I also received the following:

“We aim to carry out a walk-over inspection of all Leeds City Council`s (LCC) woodlands at least annually but in reality tree safety inspections are carried out much more frequently.

With regard to longer term tree management, I am currently working on a woodland management plan for the whole of the Meanwood Valley which will include all LCC woodland from Adel Craggs in the north to the woodland at Meanwood Park and Weetwood in the south. Long Causeway Spinney, along with other small woodlands owned by the Council which are peripheral to the Meanwood Valley, will be included in the management plan.”