I am backing an initiative for residents in Holt Park to work together with West North West Homes’ Environmental Action Team to ensure dog owners who fall “foul of the law” are brought to task.  This action is part of a broader Neighbourhood Action Plan for the Outer North West area of Leeds.

The Action Plan has been developed by working with customers and local partners, including the Police, Leeds Anti Social Behaviour team, and local housing associations and residents’ groups, and aims to tackle the main issues raised by its residents.

Dog fouling is by far one of the biggest causes for complaint across my ward, and it needs to be tackled.  We must recognise, however, that even the most irresponsible dog owners are unlikely to commit an offence in full view of a dog warden.

The most effective way to deal with this is for residents to “name and shame” the offenders, so that the appropriate penalties can be applied. 

I am not advocating that residents should tackle their neighbours directly if they would not feel comfortable doing so; but by working alongside the Council and their partners, they can ensure that officers have sufficient information to be able to take action.

In Holt Park we are determined to promote good neighbourly behaviour and community spirit, and this means coming together to tackle the small minority of selfish people who have little or no consideration for the majority.