I am inundated with complaints about people allowing their dogs to foul the footpaths, green spaces and parks in the area. There is generally an increase of people reporting this to me and to the Council at this time of year. I am therefore asking residents to work together with the Environmental Action Team at the Council to ensure dog owners who allow their pets to do this are brought to task. 

We must recognise, however, that even the most irresponsible dog owners are unlikely to commit an offence in full view of a dog warden. The most effective way to deal with this is for residents to “name and shame” the offenders, so that the appropriate penalties can be applied.  I am not advocating that residents should tackle their neighbours directly; but by working alongside the Council and their partners, they can ensure that officers have sufficient information to be able to take action. I am determined to promote good neighbourly behaviour and community spirit, and this means coming together to tackle the small minority of selfish people who have little or no consideration for the majority. It is an absolutely disgusting practice but unfortunately the Dog Wardens cannot do anything without evidence.