I recently asked a question in the Full Council meeting in relation to the amount of money being spent on contractors returning time and time again to do patch repairs when long term investment is needed. The Council’s current policy on road maintenance seems to be to spend as little as possible, and so we are returning to the same roads time after time, to repair substandard work. It is hard to justify the fact that contractors can visit a street and repair one large pothole, but leave several others in the near vicinity untouched.

Highways Officers have acknowledged that, were more money spent in the first place on more substantial resurfacing, this would, in the long term, cost the Council much less.  We do not want contractors having to return to the same pothole every other month.

My concern is for my constituents’ personal safety, and the damage being caused to their vehicles.  Instead of reacting to the here and now, the Council needs to seek a longer term, more permanent solution to road maintenance, which will ultimately benefit everyone and save money.