I have received the following update from the Planners at the Council in respect of the above.

“We have received an additional plan from the agent which includes Station Road within the applicants blue line.  This therefore suggests that this is within their ownership.  I have asked for this to be re-publicised via site notices, and for all adjoining Parish Councils to be consulted. During the publicity period we have received objections to the use of Station Road, as well as to the use of Pool Bank New Road as access points.

Both of these accesses, as well as the site itself, are lawful existing uses.  Therefore the site could re-open at its current scale, using the existing accesses, without the benefit of planning permission.  The application is therefore an opportunity to glean some benefits from the scheme.  The applicant has agrred to provide passing places to the Pool Bank site access, screen planting to benefit residents on Acorn Way, and a voluntary traffic management scheme.  The latter has yet to be agreed, but could include an agreement that cars only could use the Pool Bank access.

Overall I think that we are likely to recommended the application for approval.”