I refer to my post of 16th December 2012 in respect of the subjecct of Litter Bins.

I can advise that I received a number of suggestions for the location of the new litter bins in the area. After looking at all of the locations suggested and checking these with Streetscene Services it has been agreed that the following locations will have new litter bins installed.

Holtdales      Top of Holtdale Approach at its junction with Otley Old Road

Holtdales      by bench and grassed area outside 10 Holtdale Lawn

Adel             outside the Church on Church Lane as you enter the long path

Adel             entrance to ginnel Otley Road to Holt Close (Otley Road end)

Cookridge     Moseley Wood Croft – start of footpath to the railway bridge.

Cookridge     Outside newsagents on Cookridge Lane/corner of Mavis Lane

I’m told that they should be installed within the next few weeks.