I have raised concerns about the Council’s unwillingness to provide answers to Councillors and members of the public on Leeds New Generation Transport. I feel that the project team responsible for delivering the scheme,are failing to communicate fully with Elected Members and the public.

This scheme will have a major impact on the A660 (Otley Road), which runs through my ward.  I have received numerous enquiries from people who are worried that implementation of the trolleybus will result in the demolition of much loved buildings and the removal of whole avenues of trees.

If councillors are to allay the fears of their constituents, they themselves must be clear about the benefits the scheme will bring to the city.  To date officers have failed to convince the majority of residents that the benefits of this project outweigh the damage it will cause across our City.

If we continue to be complacent, expecting the scheme to “sell itself”, we may end up with such insurmountable opposition, that the whole thing ends up being a white elephant.