i have received the following update from the Project Manager on the Regeneration Team, re proposals to make the former Ralph Thoresby school site more aesthetically pleasing.

“As you may be aware, the former Ralph Thoresby School site at Holt Park is included within the Derelict and Nuisance Property Programme.  I understand that for some time you have expressed concern about the condition that the former school site has been left in, whilst a development solution comes forward, particularly given that the remaining land is adjacent to the district centre and the new Active Living Centre.


With this in mind, I have been working with both the Council’s Property Services section and the team tasked with delivering the Active Living Centre as a means of coming up with an appropriate treatment for the remaining land.  I understand that Ben Middleton touched on this when he attended the Holt Park Forum last week, but felt that I should send an email specifically about the proposed work.

It is proposed to utilise funding from the Derelict and Nuisance Property Programme to undertake a number of improvements which are primarily intended to:

·     Improve the condition of the remaining parts of the former school site and ensure that it sits well with the district centre and cleared former leisure centre;

·     Remove some of the abnormal costs associated with the future redevelopment of this land as set out in the emerging Holt Park masterplan;

·     Ensure that the vacant land is effectively and attractively secured;

The works will specifically include the following:

·     Breaking up and crushing the remaining building slabs;

·     Re-laying and levelling the crushed material across the site using a roller to compact the material;

·     Installing a black 2.4m high steel mesh fence along the boundary of the former school site, to the rear of the district centre;

·     Installing a black 2.4m high steel mesh fencing and gate along the northern boundary of the former leisure centre to effectively secure the site.”