Last week the Council admitted that some brown bin calendars were sent to households that do not receive the brown bin service.

This mistake is the latest in a long line of failures in communication in the council’s refuse collection service and that it is likely to cause more confusion for local people

It’s astonishing that yet again we’re hearing about a breakdown in communication in one of the council’s key services. If this was the first time there had been a problem of this kind in the refuse collection service, that would be one thing – but this is just the latest in a string of problems, and I’m sure many local people are simply fed up of it. The cost of sending this information by post is expensive, never mind sending letters that don’t need to be sent, and then sending an apology to those addresses – I am sure Council Tax payers will not be impressed with this waste of money.

We’re told that some people without brown bins have received information about putting their brown bin out next week. Apparently this includes residents who have already been informed that their property is unsuitable, or people who have opted out of the service. The situation is likely to cause a great deal of confusion and frustration for these residents.

The brown bin service is a positive thing forLeeds, but, like any service, it relies on providing effective, timely, and most of all accurate information to householders about any changes to the service. If the Council can’t even get the right message to the right addresses, then people will question its ability to provide a proper service at all.